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Episode 158: How does your activity level affect your outcome from injury and surgery?

How does your activity level affect your outcome from injury and surgery? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, Green Bay Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji, Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, and the lawsuit against FIFA regarding concussions in soccer. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

Social media Saturday: Talks into content

If you’re a doctor, you probably give several talks each year. These might be for national or regional medical conferences. They might be ones you give at your hospital. They might even be local talks you deliver to people in your community. If your ideas are worth sharing in these types of presentations, I bet they are worth sharing online.Continue Reading

Sports medicine stats: Head impacts in high school football

A study measuring the number and magnitude of head impacts occurring during a single season of high school football found: Athletes experienced a mean of 774 impacts during the 15-week season or approximately 50 impacts per athlete per week. Linemen sustained the highest number of impacts per athlete (1076 ± 541), followed by the tight end/running back/linebacker group (779 ± 286), the wide receiver/cornerback/safety group (417 ± 266), and quarterbacks. Games resulted in significantly more impacts than contact and noncontact practices and that contact practices yielded significantly more impacts than noncontact practices.Continue Reading

New sideline tests could improve concussion assessments

A star wide receiver crosses the field and makes a leaping catch late in the game against his high school’s biggest rival. Before his feet hit the ground, the opposing free safety, running full speed, crushes him. The force of the defender’s shoulder hitting his chest snaps his head back. Now he’s lying flat on his back, motionless. Athletic trainers rush to his aid and help him to his feet. While noticeably groggy, he manages to slowly walk off the field. Now the team doctor and athletic trainer must quickly decide whether the injured player suffered a concussion. Continue Reading

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